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1816 Mt Holly Rd # 101, Burlington, NJ 08016
(609) 387-1844

Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital Cosmetic Before and After Imaging

An Aid to Selecting Your Best Smile

Digital cosmetic imaging is provided by Silver Dental to aid patients considering porcelain veneers or tooth bleaching. Veneers are available in almost any shade of white. Similarly, the bleaching process can be controlled to yield almost any degree of whiteness desired. The esthetic result of whitening depends on how well the new shade harmonizes with other aspects of the patient’s appearance. These include skin tone, eye color and hair color – even the colors of preferred clothing. It is also very much a matter of personal taste: what one person regards as a “perfect” smile can seem unnaturally white to another.

How It Works

Digital cosmetic imaging uses a digital camera and computer software to create “before and after” images that can show any degree of whitening. The “after” image can be adjusted on the computer screen in real time, giving the patient the opportunity to “try on” different shades before committing to a final choice. The chosen image then serves as a reference for selecting veneers or controlling the bleaching process.

The Best Preview Possible

Digital cosmetic imaging is meant to supplement the consultation you will have with us and allows us to give you a very good idea of what the final results will be. It is important to note, however, that digital cosmetic imaging is meant to serve only as a guide. Photographs and screen images, no matter how superior in quality, are perceived differently than actual faces – which move around with their owners, and are seen under varying lighting conditions. The final results of cosmetic whitening procedures may appear to differ slightly from the photographic “preview.”

One-Visit Deep Bleaching

This one visit bleaching technique makes teeth the very whitest they can be. We combine several techniques; which we regard as one of the most effective teeth whitening techniques known today.

Our results are achieved with much less of the common sensitivity associated with other bleaching agents.

Our one-visit bleaching technique gets teeth significantly whiter than ever before possible. Patients who previously were unable to bleach as white as they would have liked (because of ‘bleaching resistant teeth or acute sensitivity) can now bleach significantly whiter.

At Home Teeth Whitening

Over a lifetime, chemicals in the things we eat and drink (coffee, for example) penetrate the porous enamel surfaces of the teeth, darkening them. Teeth whitening, also referred to as teeth bleaching, is a cosmetic dentistry technique designed to remove these deep, intrinsic stains from the enamel. The result is a whiter, brighter smile.

Shortcomings of Over-the-Counter Products

Many products sold over the counter – toothpastes, gels, strips, etc. – promise to whiten teeth at home. Most give disappointing results. The ones that do work have to be applied diligently over a period of several weeks. They require a lot of patience.

The reason for this anemic performance is that in order to be safe enough for unsupervised use, over-the-counter whiteners have to be very weak. Whitening chemicals in higher concentrations can cause adverse reactions, such as gum irritation or damage to tooth enamel.

Products designed for use under a dentist’s supervision are allowed to have higher concentrations of whitening chemicals. The dentist can monitor the patient for early signs of adverse reactions, in time to prevent harm. These professional-strength products work faster. The teeth-bleaching kits we dispense at Silver Dental achieve the desired level of whiteness in two to three weeks. They offer the additional benefit of being available for touching up stained teeth whenever necessary.

Professional-Strength Teeth Whitening Gel in Use

The kits we dispense at Silver Dental utilize a set of mouth trays sized to fit the upper and lower teeth. At home, the mouth trays are filled with tooth whitening gel and worn overnight for two to three weeks. When you visit our office to purchase your kit, you will be trained in their proper use.

First, however, we will begin the process with a quick check-up to find out if you have any cavities or excess plaque buildup. This is necessary because the teeth whitening gel could cause damage to decaying teeth.

To find out more about teeth bleaching and the at-home teeth whitening kits that are the most appropriate for your desired results, contact Silver Dental.

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