Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

Every tooth in your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, not just physically but energetically. This connection is thanks to what’s known as the meridian system: the 12 channels defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine through which energy – qi (chi) – flows.

Each meridian runs through many other organs and other structures. When the flow of energy on a meridian is blocked or disrupted, dysfunction can arise on any organ located on it.

Whether or how specific problems arise depend on the individual’s overall health history, current life habits, current health challenges, and other factors.

For instance, a problem in the upper right canine (#6) – an infected root canal, say – may also play a role in hip or gallbladder problems, angina or eye problems. All of the organs involved share the same meridian.

Use the chart below to explore these tooth-body relationships. Click on a tooth, and you can see the corresponding organs, glands, joints, spinal cord segments and other links between the teeth and body. You can also choose an organ or system and learn which teeth are associated with it.